01. Software Development

As AKT family, our priority is to strengthen the corporate structures of our customers with our existing software solutions and software solutions that can be developed according to the needs, and at the same time to ensure that operational works are transferred to the digital world.While performing this task, we aim to use up-to-date software and contribute to its success.

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02.Technology Consultancy 

As AKT, we have always prioritized technology. We always aimed to offer the technology in an accessible and useful way for our customers by pursuing the best solutions. We saw it as a necessity to always stay up to date and follow the developments. We took it as a duty to transfer our knowledge and experience to our customers. 

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03.Design Services  

Together with our expert and professional design team, we analyze your projects in detail and offer you the most suitable applications you can use, regardless of any platform. We serve you to create your projects that will provide a more enjoyable experience to the end user with higher accessibility. 

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04.Digital Marketing Solutions  

We are developing various strategies for you to maintain and advance your existence in digital world and to provide you the best service and increase your accessibility. We are aware of the fact that detailed analysis and strategies that are prudential will carry you to the best position, and we carry out our work in the light of this this awareness. 

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We increase the competitive power of our customers by reducing their costs and partnering their success with corporate applications that we have developed by examining the needs in different sectors in depth.

CMS İmage


Content Management System (CMS) is indispensable for today's web applications! AKT CMS plays an important role behind complex web applications with its flexible, performance and secure structure.

E-commerce İmage

AKT eCommerce

AKT e-commerce has been developed to obtain the optimum solution in today's virtual commerce platforms. It offers a ready-to-use structure for every sector with its secure and fast infrastructure, digital marketing tools and integrations.

Analytics İmage

AKT Analytics

We bring a new dimension to your digital marketing and web analysis strategy with bidirectional integrations by analyzing people in your web and mobile applications besides the masses.

Error-tracker İmage

AKT Error Tracker

AKT Error Tracker checks your applications at all times and checks their working status. When an error occurs in a software, it informs you instantly and tracking is provided by opening tickets for errors. It also provides performance control by performing response time control and creates daily performance report.


By working with leading technology-oriented companies like us, we increase the power of our customers in corporate application, digital marketing and other areas and become a partner in their success.

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