Design Patterns

Design Patterns is to ensure that code optimizations are structured in the best way by addressing common and similar problems in a software project. These solution suggestions, which make the work of engineers very easy, are widely used worldwide in the development processes of software projects.

As AKT, we always approach Design Patterns very precisely, as we consider software development and software projects at two different points as basic and infrastructure developments.

Design Patterns are also not finished designs that can be executed by putting them in code. In some cases, it is a guide in which methods can be used to solve these problems when various problems occur. Algorithms cannot be defined as Design Patterns if they are considered from this point of view. Because algorithms can solve computational problems, Design Patterns provides solutions to problems in the development phase of the software.

As AKT Software, we offer you the processes of easily expandable, reusable and adding new needs in a way that affects the software with the least amount of Design Patterns methods. In this way, you save the labor and time you have spent for software.

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