What is Corporate Identity and What Does It Do?

Corporate identity is the way an institution expresses itself and the name given to the visible face of the institution. They are delineated and generally immutable. The rules and how the design that will remind the institution should be used are included in the corporate identity book, which is an indispensable element of corporate identity design. The "emblem" to be created in corporate identity design forms the basis of corporate identity studies. The company is engraved in the minds of consumers with the image to be created at the end of the corporate identity process. In this sense, it is one of the important factors that ensure the success of marketing activities and investments.

Corporate Identity Components

Although the corporate identity components vary according to the type and needs of the company to be worked on, we can summarize the components as follows:

- Corporate identity book
- Emblem
- Logo
- Letterhead Paper
- Business card
- E-mail and Correspondence Images
- In-house cards (Vehicle Card, Temporary Duty Card etc.)
- Mailing and Fax Designs
- Diplomats envelope
- Accounting documents (Invoice, Waybill, Receipt etc.)
- CD / DVD / Bluray label and cover
- File Designs
- Report Drafts
- Notepad, Notepad, Agenda
- Promotional Material Designs

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