What is Landing Page?

Landing Page is the name given to pages designed specifically for a specific target audience or product, especially created to be used in digital marketing activities and to increase digital transformation. Since the main purpose of Landing Pages is to give an action to the visitors; There should be actions that provide recycling, such as filling out a form, subscribing to a list, downloading a document, watching a video, and making a purchase.

Landing Page Importance

It is critical to prepare a successful and accurate landing page for the entire campaign, as it is the only place where advertisements are directed and feedbacks are received on this page in digital campaigns that are made or planned to be made. A landing page that is not set up and prepared correctly increases advertising costs and causes deviations in KPIs.

Successful Landing Page Features

Speed: If you pay attention to the latest regulations of Google, speed is a very important factor in the digital field. The page should load fast and visitors should not be wasted time at this point. Incorrect interface encodings, server problems, incorrect back-end encodings, not caching, not using AMP, and heavy content are among the speed problems we encounter frequently.

Compatibility: It is important that the Landing page is compatible with mobile, tablet and all possible devices. If a campaign with a mobile traffic rate of 70% does nothave mobile compatibility or lacks compatibility, you should not expect the campaign to achieve the success it deserves.

Design: The attention of the visitor to the page to be created, the correct design of the user experience and the correct editing of the interface design areamong the issues that should be considered in order to increase the transformation.

Content: It is paramount to know the visitor and know what he or she wants to encounter. Page setup becomes very important at this point. The visitor will face; video, visualcontent and writing should be well planned. Having as simple and concise content as possible will increase returns.

Strategy: The message given in design, content and advertisements should be in parallel and harmony with each other. Acting in harmony with the corporate identity of the brand will always give positive results.

Analysis: Follow-up of the rate of return of the page, A / B tests, creating heat maps and even eye tests when necessary, and adjustments should be made on the page in the light of this information.

Why AKT Software?

Landing pages are a work intertwined with your digital activities. It should be created and implemented by a team of experts in UI / UX, visual design, interface design, web analysis and digital marketing. AKT Yazılım Tic. Ltd. Şti. With our experience, we enable you to visualize your ideas and reach users correctly in digital campaigns.

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