The vast majority of corporate companies benefit from SharePoint infrastructures. Today, it is not possible for the SharePoint applications to be used actively and effectively by the personnel of many companies.

One of the most useful features provided by SharePoint is enabling staff to use the same infrastructure over a common network. This application, which does not require expertise or technical training, plays an active role in the behavior of your personals using Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint in the same way in SharePoint use.

However, it may cause a great waste of time for corporate companies and personnel benefiting from this feature. At this point, as AKT, we provide SharePoint consultancy services within the framework of mutually determined agreements. While receiving SharePoint consultancy service, you can make the use of SharePoint widespread within your company by holding meetings with people responsible for related departments, especially portal and website works.

Enterprise Content Management

Managing your data from a single point is possible with corporate content management. You can manage issues such as tracking, archiving and indexing your important documents with corporate content management.

Business Process and Forms

You can use workflow templates to get approvals, detect, archive and automate processes using SharePoint. SharePoint also offers you business process and forms features so that custom workflows can be created, maintained and analyzed.

Enterprise Search

You can use the feature to find various data about your employees, partners and customers in your company in pool systems. You can use the enterprise search feature among SharePoint applications to increase productivity and ease the information burden. Using SharePoint, you only need to type in the word you want to search for the right data and documents. The corporate search feature does not only search among its own data, but also has the ability to search by connecting to external sites, databases and products such as SAP, Siebel.

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