As AKT Software, we have never been content with using technology only. We always pursued the best solutions and aimed to present the technology in an accessible and useful way for our customers. As AKT Software, we have always considered it a necessity to stay up-to-date and follow the developments. We took it as a duty to transfer our knowledge and experience to our customers. Our services for this purpose are as follows:


We know all kinds of application, intranet and extranet solutions that can be made with Microsoft Sharepoint world and we want to make this technology valuable for you.


Sitecore, the most important content management system (CMS) of recent years, has also been described as the best web content management system in Gartner. It uses the best technology and experience to our customers as the AKT family that dominates this information we aim to offer the best in Turkey.


We are aware that the .NET Framework world does not only consist of web (ASP.NET) technologies. We serve with our expert team to solve the needs of our customers and add value to the technologies that create many .NET Framework families such as Silverlight, WPF, WCF, WF, Web Api, ADO.NET, Windows Forms, Windows Service, SignalR.


Design Patterns are general solution proposals that have been developed to solve similar problems frequently encountered in the software development process and their functionality has been proven worldwide. It is very important to develop a foundation and infrastructure in the development of a software as in the construction of a building. As AKT, we attach great importance to Design Patterns, acting with this awareness.


The most important task of any developed software is to receive certain data from the user, interpret them, store them and present them in a meaningful way to the user again. For this reason, the method of storing the data on the database, the data structure used by the software play an important role in the product being developed in accordance with its purpose and being updateable. As AKT, we use our experience and knowledge of database to develop the most accurate solutions for our customers.


A software that the end user does not enjoy using and the service is not offered in a plain and simple way cannot be considered a success for AKT, no matter how complex functions it may have. Thanks to our expert design team, we analyze user habits very well and make the applications used and will be used by our customers with platform-independent, high accessibility features, enjoyable to the user and can be used with minimum time and movement.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a widely used ERP solution designed by Microsoft for medium-sized enterprises or departments of large-scale companies. Turkey's largest companies and holdings using the Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology and the AKT family, together with our expert team, we aim to provide our customers with the best Dynamics ERP experience.

We would like to inform you about our services in more detail.