As AKT family, our primary goal is to strengthen the corporate structures of our customers and to save resources and costs by moving their operational works to the digital world with the software solutions we have developed for both existing and customer needs. While fulfilling this mission, we aim to solve the needs of our customers by using the most up-to-date technologies and contribute to their success. AKT Yazılım accurately analyzes the needs of institutions. It develops the systems and applications required by its customers at an optimum level. It performs this task with expert, certified teams.

We manage our corporate-specific software development process with AKT Software methodology. As AKT Yazılım, we aim to respond to all kinds of needs of our customers by developing applications for every platform from mobile, web, intranet applications to desktop applications.

In addition to all these services, we provide solutions to all problems besides software development services with our end-to-end package solutions from design to search engine optimization and digital marketing.

AKT; mainly develops software on the PHP and HTML Platform. In addition, it develops mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms and also Windows Store applications depending on this concept. Our engineers, who have an average of 7 years of industry experience, have successfully implemented many corporate projects in the light of AKT Software methodology.

AKT software engineers, which can take shape according to project needs and thus have a flexible organization, apply all the steps specified on AKT Software in all their projects.

Regardless of the facts imposed by the market conditions, AKT, which has adopted the principle of producing quality codes without compromising its quality, has taken part in critical integrations of many corporate companies.

AKT, which creates a completely transparent software development process with the project management system offered to its customers in order to be able to intervene instantly and monitor the whole process instantly, manages its projects together with its customers.In this way, our customers can follow the stage of their projects at any time.

AKT teams, who constantly participate in trainings in order to keep up with the developing technology, have many valuable certificates. In this way, we offer our customers the most up-to-date technologies at the lowest costs by blending our experience with developing technology.

Web Application Development

We develop special applications for companies operating in different sectors that will turn their investments into income in line with their business strategies. Since our customers are from different sectors and the needs of each of our customers are different, we start our work by establishing the necessary strategies for web application development by establishing direct contact with our customers.


Sitecore content management (Sitecore CMS) enables you to easily create and manage your digital image with its innovative and flexible technology.İt is among the first choice of medium and high-scale companies with its integrated digital marketing tools, detailed customization feature, mobile client support and hundreds of modules.

Mobile Application Development

People now need two separate issues as expectations from the age of technology; convenience and speed. The ability of companies to deliver their products and services easily is among the most basic needs. For this reason, mobile devices continue to rise today. One of the main reasons for choosing mobile devices is that they can reach more users than desktop devices and the Internet can be accessed from anywhere.

We would like to inform you about our services in more detail.